Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I receive a confirmation?
A: Yes. Applications completed online will receive a generated confirmation. Applications that are mailed in will receive confirmation via email. Please be sure to include your email address on the application where designated.

Q: Where do I send the balance of my payment?
A: The remaining balance can either be mailed in at least 10 days in advance of camp or be delivered at check-in time. Balances that are mailed in need to be sent to:

 Make Checks payable to:  Elite Soccer Academy

Elite Soccer Academy
Women's Soccer Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville
205 Spragins Hall
Huntsville, AL  35899

Q: What should my child bring to camp?
A: Overnight campers should bring a soccer ball, shin guards, pillow, linens, alarm clock, toilet articles, blanket, tennis shoes, t-shirts, soccer shorts, swim suit, and sunscreen. Soccer shoes should be broken in before attending camp since new shoes potentially may cause blisters. Molded shoes are recommended for the Bermuda playing fields. Day campers should bring shin guards, soccer shoes, tennis shoes, an extra t-shirt, a towel, and a lunch.

Q: Are teams welcome?
A: Yes. Teams are encouraged to attend to maximize the training benefit. Also, teams attending the residential Intensity Training Week will be eligible for $70 team discount.

Q: Are individuals welcome at Team Camp?
A: Yes. Individuals are welcomed at Team Camp. Please designate on your application that you are attending as an individual.

Q: Is there a separate Goalkeeper Academy?
A: Yes. At both Day Camp and Residential Camp, goalkeepers will be grouped and trained by Elite Soccer Academy’s Goalkeeper Director, Dave Lapeyrouse.

Q: Can coaches attend camp?
A: Yes. At the Residential Camp, teams are typically accompanied by their respective coach. When a coach attends, our staff works diligently with them to develop and curtail the training session to meet the team’s needs for the upcoming season. Our team training is specialized and designed uniquely for each team. Coaches stay free at the Residential Camp.

Q: Can parents attend sessions?
A: Yes. All sessions are open for observation. We encourage parents to attend as many sessions as possible. One of the main factors why we conduct our Residential Camp over the weekend is to give parents an opportunity to see their children participate in our intense environment. Cameras and video recorders are welcomed as well.

Q: Is there any free time?
A: Yes – between 11 pm and 6 am. At the Residential Camp, there are four sessions each day with team meetings in between sessions. Free time is very limited due to the number of hours we are training. At Day Camp, each camper gets an hour to eat lunch and rest with their coach.

Q: How much spending money should a camper bring?
A: At Residential Camp, each camper will have an opportunity to buy pizza each night. At Day Camp, there will be a concession stand for campers to purchase drinks and snacks.

Q: Do you provide evaluations for campers?
A: Each player at the Residential Camp receives a detailed evaluation on their strengths and areas that need to be improved. Each team coach that attends camp also receives a copy of the player’s evaluation.

Q: What equipment does Elite Soccer Academy provide?
A: Day Campers receive a soccer ball, camp t-shirt, and a water bottle. Residential Campers receive a camp t-shirt, water bottle, and a back pack

Q: What type of supervision is provided at camp?
A: Campers are supervised by staff members during the entire camp. Campers are not allowed to leave campus at the Residential Camp or the Day Camp unless checked out by a parent. The Residential Camp provides 24 hour supervision for the dormitories.

Q: Do you give Team Discounts?
A: Day Camp receives a $15 discount for 6 or more kids, Middle School Camp receives a $10 discount for more than 6 kids, Residential Intensity Training Camp receives a discount of $70 for 8 more kids. Please contact us to receive your promo code for a group discount.


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